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Our Services
Dedicated Freight Carrier:
Plumley Trucking  provides dedicated freight services for multiple companies across the south east. By doing business directly with Plumley Trucking, your company will save costs associated with using a broker in addition to having the security of consistent shipping availability. Contact us now to make Plumley Trucking your dedicated freight carrier. 
Van Freight Carrier:
Plumley Trucking has grown significantly in being a van carrier over the last 2 years. We now have over 50 dry van trailers in our fleet and are continuing to grow. Contact us now for any dry van needs.
Flatbed Freight Carrier:
Plumley Trucking started as a flatbed carrier and has provided high quality flatbed services for over 20 years. Contact us now for any flatbed needs.
Heavy Haul Oversized
Heavy Haul and Oversized Freight Carrier:
Plumley Trucking has the experience and equipment needed to haul heavy and oversized loads for your company. Contact us now for any heavy haul or oversized needs.
LTL Freight Carrier:
Plumley Trucking is an expert in providing LTL (Less Than Truckload) services for our customers. LTL services with Plumley Trucking provide savings over other transportation companies since our customer only pay for the portion of the trailer they require. Contact us now for any LTL needs.
Trailer Storage
Trailer Storage:
Plumley Trucking offers onsite trailer storage for your products. We will load your items onto our trailer and store at our secured terminal until necessary. 
Warehousing Services:
Plumley Trucking offers warehousing services in our 16000 sqft warehousing facility. Contact us now for any warehousing needs.
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